Open Course

The Youth LACIGF Organising Committee is preparing the second edition of the Open Course (Spanish).

Keeping in mind that the ongoing situation of the pandemic creates “Zoom tiredness”, we have developed a shorter version of our course, in order to maintain people engaged and motivated, as well as create capacity-building tools so the entire community can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise we have. We are the youth empowering the youth!

This Open Course will be divided into 4 webinars, covering main topics of interest for young people.

Requirements for enrolling:

-Less than 30 years old by the time of enrolment

-Residence in Latin America and the Caribbean

-Good Internet connection and availability to take the course between July 15th and August 28th.


Sign up in advance to be part of the Open Course. The best participants will become the YouthLACIGF Ambassadors 2021.

Recordings and useful material will be accessible at the Youth LACIGF educational platform [link available by July 15th, 2021].

Webinar #1-  Introduction to the course, YouthLACIGF, Youth SIG. History of Internet Governance. Internet Infrastructure. Kurbalija’s baskets.

Day and time: July 17th, 18pm UTC

Speakers: the Organising Committee of the YouthLACIGF and the participation of Prof. Flavio Wagner (presentation of ISOC Brazil and Internet Society)

Facilitator: Juan Pajaro Velasques


Webinar #2-  Introduction to the main topics of the Youth LACIGF (part 1) Digital Human Rights. Internet and Economic and Social Development. Remote Work and Education

Date: August 7, 18pm UTC

Speaker: Verónica Arroyo (AccessNow)  and Ana Carolina Rodrigues (FGV Direito SP)

Facilitator: Pedro Lana

Webinar #3- Introduction to the main topics of the YouthLACIGF (part 2) Digital Cooperation and Future of Internet Governance. Cybersecurity.

Date: August 14, 18pm UTC

-Speakers:  Raquel Gatto (IDDLAC), Roberto Zambrana (IGF Bolivia), Bruna Santos (Data Privacy Brasil Research) and Nicolás Fiumarelli (LACNIC).

Facilitator: Juan Pajaro Velasques


Webinar #4-NRIs: National, Regional and Youth Initiatives. Importance of IGF intersessional work including Youth NRIs, DCs and BPFs. History of the regional events: LACIGF and YouthLACIGF.

Date: August 21th, 18pm UTC.

Speakers: Diego Canabaro (Dr. en Ciencias Políticas), Eileen Cejas (Youth SIG & YCIG), Juliana Novaes (Youth SIG).

Facilitator: Juliana Novaes