Open Course

The YouthLACIGF Organizing Committee opens registrations for the Open Preparatory Course for newcomers to Internet Governance issues in preparation for LACIGF 15 and YouthLACIGF 2022. 

YouthLACIGF is an initiative created by the growing community of young people from Latin America and the Caribbean who participate in events such as LACIGF (the annual regional preparatory meeting for the Global Internet Governance Forum) and other regional and national Internet Governance forums. It is well known that in recent years youth have begun to play a more prominent role in Internet Governance, raising their voice in various forums and processes, and bringing their message to the rest of the community.

This year our event will be online again, therefore, we have designed a third edition of the Open Course, which will be in Spanish and completely free, this time open to all and to prepare people who wish to learn about the topics, especially those who are newcomers to the Internet Governance ecosystem. 


The course will be composed of 3 modules, all of them on Saturdays of October (8,15, 22) at 13hrs UTC:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Internet Governance. (Register)
  • Module 2: Digital human rights, data protection, and privacy. (Register)
  • Module 3: Advance Technologies and Digital Transformation. (Register)

After each session per module, the materials used in each of these will be made available to the participants. 

Requirements to participate in the Open Course:

  • Interest in learning about Internet Governance.
  • Good connectivity and availability to participate in the webinars as well as in the LACIGF 2022. 


Privacy clause: Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. By registering for the form you understand that your personal data will be used for the purpose of communicating news about the Course, YouthLACIGF and LACIGF. The data shared in the registration form will only be used for organizational purposes of the open course.