Open Course

The Youth LACIGF Organising Committee is proud to announce we are running the first edition of the Open Course. These challenges times of pandemic show us the importance of keep people engaged and motivated and create capacity building tools so the entire community can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise we have. We are the youth empowering  the youth!

This Open Course will be divided in 8 parts, covering essential topics for young people in the region.

We will have the presence of prestigious speakers, from relevant organizations in the LAC region.

Sign up in advance to be part of the Open Course. Recordings and useful material will be accessible at the Youth LACIGF educational platform [link].

Webinar #1-  Introduction to IG and it’s ecosystem– Speaker: Tracy Hackshaw – Facilitator: Pedro Lana

Webinar #2-  History and values of the Internet- Speaker: Olga Cavalli -Facilitator: Gustavo Paiva

Webinar #3- Legal aspects of IG (Regulation and Human Rights) -Speakers:  Bruna Martins Dos Santos and María Paz Canales -Facilitator: Paola Gálvez

Webinar #4-Online education, inclusion and access to the internet.-Speakers: Gustavo Paiva and Giovanna Fontenelle-Facilitator: Juliana Novaes

Webinar #5-Misinformation, problems with social media– Speakers: Andréa Doyle and Caio Machado. Facilitator: Guilherme Alves

Webinar #6-Online democracies after the pandemic- Speakers: Cristian Léon and Debora Albu -Facilitator: João Moreno

Webinar #7-Privacy, cybersecurity and COVID 19: Latin America and the Caribbean particularities -Speakers: Belén Giménez and Louise Marie Hurel-Facilitators: Juliana Novaes

Webinar #8-Youth relevance on the Internet: -Speakers: Juliana Novaes and Eileen Cejas. Facilitator:


Speakers of the Open Course